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A Clean Slate

Updated: Jan 8

Growing up in a military family meant that we moved - a lot. With every change of address, my mother would encourage us to embrace the clean slate. Who did we want to be at our new school? What was coming with us? What were we leaving behind?

To this day, I still love fresh starts - the beginning of the month, new year's day, and yes, even Mondays. Having all three come together on January 1, 2024 invites a true turning of the page - and an echoing of my mother's questions almost two decades later. Here are my initial thoughts & I invite you to consider the same prompts with me!

Who do you want to be?

Instead of hitching your response to work, status, or accolades - let's instead consider a handful of adjectives that you hope to embody. How would you want to be described by your close friends? How do you want to feel about yourself? Let's shoot for 5, I'll start.

This year, I want to be expansive, collaborative, bold, refined, and untethered.

Now let's expand on that. Something like this-

This year, I want to be expansive [in my artistic approach], collaborative [in my endeavors with creators I admire] , bold [with my hopes and not afraid to vocalize them], refined [within my home, closet, and culinary experiences], and untethered [to things that ensnare my time that don't align with my spirit].

What is coming with you?

Jot down a quick list of things / habits / mindsets / relationships that served you well last year that you'd like to bring along with you for this next leg of your journey. Shoot for 10 items, I'll start.

Cold plunges

Reading before bed

Sunday Dinners

Daily Walks

Big salads

Monthly flowers

Exploring NYC by foot

No phone zones

Weekend reset routines

Making reservations*

(*tip - make hard-to-get reservations weeks in advance for 2+ people and find friends to join you the week of!)

What are you leaving behind?

Consider what things played a part of your life that no longer feel like a good fit. Just like sweaters, you are allowed to outgrow and let go! Shoot for 10 items, I'll start.

Consuming draining media*

(*Crime podcasts, cult documentaries, & Sister Wives. Sad!)

Morning scrolls on TikTok

Working on the weekends

Staying out past 10:00p

Leaving dishes in the sink

Bars, unless there is dancing!

Casually checking email

The fear of clicking send

Makeup during the week

Being late! Easier said than done!

What are you welcoming?

While this may not be one of the original prompts, I always encourage keeping the door wide open to change. Are there any routines, shifts, opportunities, or friendships you'd like to explore this year? Shoot for 10, I'll start!

Intentionally exploring New England*

(*with the Catskills, Montauk, Philly, and Boston at the top of the list!)

Investing in designers I admire

At-home lymphatic massages


Finding a church in the city

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Pitching dream partnerships

Keeping to routines when traveling

Using old fashioned timers

Embracing a different work schedule*

(*Mon/Thurs are computer days, Tues/Wed are studio days, Friday is for content planning)

Feel free to revisit your lists every now and again, come back a year from now, rinse and repeat. Enjoy my friend!


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