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Meg Indy is a New York City abstract artist with an innate propensity for design that sparks joy. Her unbridled form of self expression was nurtured from an early age and continues to encourage her to create with abandon.  Her artistic practice mirrors the duality of perfect simplicities found in daily life and the profound effect it imprints on one's spirit. Each piece holds a story narrated through color and movement . The breathlessness of Meg's work coupled with the humanity beating within has garnered a beautiful community of worldwide collectors throughout her career.

Today, you can find Meg strolling through the neighborhoods of Manhattan, soaking in the hum of activity, noting the color ways,

and returning to her studio to recount the joy of it all.

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Untitled_Artwork 41.png

Hi, I’m Meg — my affinity for artful expression has been a dear & lifelong companion, one that I met within the expanse of my mother's overflowing craft bins, my father's passion for photography, and my grandmother's never ending teacher supply room.


My earliest memories are smattered with smocks and stickers and brushes and every colorful treasure a girl could paint her world with.


Growing up, I shied away from formal instruction of any kind, enjoying the freedoms of unbridled play and breathless creativity. To this day, I still love feeling my own way through my work with that same childlike amusement.


It’s in that headspace - unsupervised, boundless and free - that you meet yourself again and again and again. You learn to embrace the change, the growth, the steps backward, the summersaults forward and the pure magic that is ‘the mess’.


Some of you are new here,

others have been here for quite some time now


I see you,

I appreciate you,

& I look forward to sharing with you

all that is yet to be -

boundless, breathless & free.


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