"Someday soon, you will embark on a grand sort of adventure. You’re going to face challenges - but just know that those challenges won’t break you. Instead, they will ground you. You’re going to meet someone who believes in you so deeply that you finally learn to believe in yourself. You’re going to be very brave and move somewhere new. There, you will be accepted just as you are and you will find community that lasts even when you move away. You’re going to meet someone else who will model what love in the purest form looks like, and even wilder, you’re going to let each other go because of that very same love. Your needs will always be met. There will always be a way through. You will make so many beautiful memories that - even though you forget nearly everything - you will remember long beyond when they were formed. You will love others and feel deeply connected to the people around you too. None of this will happen suddenly, but one day you will wake up and realize that you are yourself and you have been for a long time." - Anonymous 


original work on canvas

12 x 16 x 1.25