"You may hear this from others, but you need to hear it from you most. I’m so proud of you. You’ve spent your entire life making sacrifices to achieve your dreams. Those dreams continue to evolve, much like you. Your strength, work ethic, toughness, faith, and kind-hearted spirit have pushed you into opportunities that you couldn’t have fathomed in your lifetime. Thank you for challenging yourself. Thank you for staying curious. If your confidence is dwindling... because that’s inevitable from time to time... put on sparkly shoes. Why? Sparkles have the unique ability to mentally transport you to a place of hope and unlimited possibilities. Time is still your most valuable and fleeting resource. You decide how you spend it; no one has that power over you. Make every minute of your life count by living and loving intentionally. Now go explore and set your soul on fire from your love of adventure!!" - AOW


original work on canvas

8 x 8 x 1.25