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Vol 3 | March Favorites

Union Square Farmer's Market

As the seasons change, so do the produce and flowers found at the Union Square Farmers Market. My most recent midmorning treat was a mint tea brewed in the Catskills and sweetened with maple syrup (courtesy of Laura Maple!). The second sweetness I enjoyed was watching a mother teach her two young daughters the names of all of the flowers that were lining a nearby market tent.

There is a magic to public forums where you get to witness life being lived & shared. Looking forward to what the Summer brings!

This Dress From GU

A classic & simple white dress that could be dressed up with snazzy shoes, or dressed down with a pair of jeans (yes, jeans underneath!) and sneaks. I am always keeping a pulse on clothes in my wardrobe that bring me joy and this is certainly top of my list.

Morning Walks

This is two fold. First is my half mile walk to the gym. On the way, I wave hello to Byron, an Australian coffee cart owner, return my books at the public library, and sometimes collect curbside flowers set out by local restaurants (see February's post for my last find).

Second is the walk I do at the gym. Have you heard of the 12-3-30 trend? Walk on a 12 incline, at 3mph, for 30 minutes? Well, we took some liberties and do a 15-2-1. I work my way up to a 15 incline (starting at 0 and upping it by 3 every 10 minutes), at 2mph, for an entire hour. It's a slow burn at the perfect pace to catch up on your reading.

Today, we worked our way through She Builds.


I recently launched a collection that features selections of my painters palette. This release if perhaps one of my favorites, not only because it's an intimate invitation into my practice, but also because of the stories they hold.

I could go on and on about them, but I have already done so here and here and here.

See one that catches your eye? Tap here to claim yours!

Bodega Cats

This is my neighborhood bodega cat, MiMi. We met when I first moved here, and slowly, we've taken our friendship all the way to the front door of her store. Morning hellos from MiMi are certainly a perk to the neighborhood.

Heart to hearts

There have been a handful of really wonderful chats lately. A call from my dear friend, Heather, on her engagement! Pillow talks with my childhood friend, Regan, on my sister's Bachelorette. A sun soaked conversation with my neighbor, Andi, on the rooftop of our building. And an impromptu house visit with my bosom buddy, Kayla, on matters of the heart.

Each one uplifting, hopeful, & good. While those conversations were private, I have had the opportunity to engage in some very meaningful (and public) chats with Laura Allen on her podcast Almost Somebody and with Sydney Morlan on Twenty Somethings. Feel free to tune in here & here.

The Book Very Nice

This book (Very Nice, by Marcy Dermansky), simply put, is unhinged. I ate it up in less than 3 days - and thought I'd pass along the page turner. This one is certainly meant for mature audiences so readers beware. If you love it, tell me. If you hate it, also tell me. I oddly & deeply resonate with both sentiments.

Sidewalk Love Notes

Words of encouragement exist everywhere throughout this city. Here are a few that I hope uplift you too!

Take what you need,



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