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Vol. 1 | January Favorites

a studio vignette featuring my no. 7 find, a checkered tea towel for my brushes

1. Jardin De La Foret Candle

Memory keeping through smells is both an innate and intimate way to punctuate seasons of your life. The smell of Bergamont & Amber brings me back to my first art studio, Colette by Tocca reminds me of my early days with Jake, and Glossier body wash transports me to special beach trip with friends. After weeks of popping into every store I passed on my lunchtime walks, I finally came across Studio Zung - a design firm in SOHO that recently created a signature candle that took my breath away. Purchased.

2. Nathan James Side Tables

Collecting furniture for our New York apartment has been a slow and thoughtful process. With limited square footage, we wanted bedside tables that were both beautiful and functional. With two pull drawers and a rattan facade, our new bedside tables by Nathan James hit the mark.

3. Golden Coil Planner

This is my second year making this purchase and I am just as infatuated with it as before. A fully customizable planner with good design and deliciously thick paper. My favorite added pages are the monthly bucket lists & book reviews. Something about jotting down your dreams and thoughts just feels good.

4. Chanel Polish

This little indulgence caught my eye at a recent Chanel event in SOHO. It's a beautiful orange-red that should translate well with the change of seasons. After one week's wear (ie. painting in the studio, assembling nightstands, and hand washing dishes every evening), this polish held up beautifully.

5. Caudalie Vinoclean Moisturizing Toner

A new step in my abbreviated skin care line up. Lightly scented, refreshing, and deserving of it's spot on our (very tiny) bathroom shelf. This toner is a yes for me!

6. This Head

I came across this beauty at an everything-must-go-sale of two Brooklyn photographers looking to shake off the weight of their belongings and to move to the desert. I saw her peeking out from a bookshelf as soon as I walked into their loft and felt a familiarity from her that I am still putting my finger on. I knew we belonged together and believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

7. Tea Towels

At the same sale, I rifled through drawers and drawers of mismatched cuts of cloth to find a handful of tea towels that brought me joy. Some will be used for my brushes in the studio while two others have been proudly framed and hung. A true find!

8. Fan Headboard

This fan found me on one of my nightly peruses on Facebook marketplace. For $20 and a quick walk down Delancey street, this stately bamboo fan became a signature piece above our bed.

9. New York Library Card

This little red card seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. From access to every library across New York City to proof of residence for free entry to places like the MET, I am so proud to have this little piece of NYC. The first book I swiped for was a wonderful read and a good start to my new nightly reading routine. Check it out for yourself - We Want What We Want.

10. Tomato Toast

Toast tinkering has been my favorite way to explore breakfast options for the past year. This month, we cultivated

the latest morning medley - tomato toast.

Here's how to make yours:

- One generously cut slice of Trader Joe's ciabatta bread (toasted)

- A heaping spoonful of cottage cheese

- A squeeze of lemon

- Sliced tomato (Heirloom or cherry both work great)

- A drizzle of Brightland Olive Oil

- Flaky salt & pepper to taste



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