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New Year, New York | What I left, brought, and welcomed

There is nothing that satisfies me more than a fresh start. The first of the month, a blank journal, a clean room, the start of a new year, and incredulously, even Monday mornings - they all hold a magnetic je ne sais quoi.

Settling in to our New York apartment at the turn of 2023 held a similar magic. There was a desirable distance between what was 'then' and what is 'now', enough distance that you could truly step back and examine what should stay behind and what deserved a place physically, mentally & spiritually moving forward.

Wardrobes shrank, furniture divided, sold, and donated, trinkets gifted, and necessities downsized to fit into our 500 square foot fourth floor walk up. But my favorite kind of sorting, and arguably the most difficult, happened within.

Habits, mindsets, and influences I held onto for months, some even years - all received a keen review. After much consideration, this is what I left, brought, and welcomed into this new chapter of my life:

What was left

-Intermittent Fasting

- Dehydration

- Clutter

- Avoidance

- Working After Hours

- Morning Scrolling

What was brought

- Morning Devotionals & Journaling

- Slow Stretching

- Intentional List Making

What was welcomed

- Long walks over lunchtime

- Memory Keeping with Haikus

- Cold Showers

- Blind Friend Dates

Whether you find yourself in a new city, a new season, or simply a new day, here's to wiping the slate clean and thoughtfully choosing what gets to join you for the journey.


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