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Bundled | Winter Weather Essentials

As our enjoyable, yet unreasonably warm, New York weather slowly course corrects to it's typical temperatures, I have found myself reaching for warm lattes from Stone Street Coffee along with these winter weather essentials:

Layering Ponchos

As someone that frequently wears outfits with billowing sleeves, I prefer to opt in for roomy, layering ponchos to brace the breezy streets.

The In Flight Poncho (in oat)

& The Hooded Kimono (in creme)

have both become staples in my wardrobe. You can dress them up, dress them down, and add as many layers underneath with guaranteed wiggle room.

Laniege Lip Mask

I'll swipe this lip mask on before leaving the house for extra moisture. It's glossy sheen and chapped lip protection has earned it's spot on the shelf (if you know, you know).

Lake Pajamas

This pinstripe pajama set is both warm & breathable. I love the wide sleeves and the fabric is buttery smooth. I purchased these for cold NYC nights but I have a feeling these will stay out all year long.

Platform Booties

Easy booties to slip on for neighborhood errands with a bit of a "lift". The platform gives you an advantage with the omnipresent New York City puddles while adding authority to your height. A win-win.

Tall Socks

Grabbed a handful of colorful socks when visiting the Hilton Head Outlets with my MIL this past winter. I like wearing these pulled all the way up with sneakers + cropped jeans for a peep of color. Extra points for socks with pizazz.


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