"When looking at my work, I hope you hear music wafting through the air, smell spring in the morning, see the faces of those you love, feel grounded in yourself and uplifted to greater.
I hope a moment together inspires you to live life in color."

- Megan Inderrieden, VoyageATL Magazine

Meg Indy Headshot (2).JPG


My name is Megan Inderrieden and I'm an artist with a creative curiosity for design that sparks joy.​ 

My affinity for art has been a dear and lifelong companion. We met somewhere within the expanse of my mother's overflowing craft bins, my father's passion for photography, and my grandmother's never ending teacher supply room. My earliest memories are smattered with smocks and stickers and brushes and every colorful treasure a girl could paint her world with. 


These memories are accompanied by an overwhelming presence of joie de vivre - a visitor that likes to frequent my studio on sunny afternoons and often waves hello through my work.

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